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We Can Help You Make More Money
With Sales To Non-Bookstore Buyers

1) We Sell Your Books For You. Non-returnable, commission-based sales to buyers in corporations, associations, schools and government agencies. We display your books in a catalog that will be used by 65,000 commissioned salespeople to sell to known buyers. We purchase your books from you when ordered by the reps. Your book will be displayed in our program for as long as it is in print. Learn more or sign up now!

Become more profitable
Get incremental revenue
Focus on what you do best
We do the selling and negotiating for you
Reach non-bookstore buyers you never knew existed
Get a national sales force without the cost
Join our Speakers Bureau
Programs to sell children's books

2) Train your sales people in your office. A one-day workshop in your office -- customized to your titles -- shows your staff how to make large-quantity sales to non-bookstore buyers

  • New ideas. Your employees will discover new target buyers and sales techniques
  • No travel expenses since we hold the meeting on your premises
  • Customized training on your titles, markets, prospective customers and opportunities
  • Expert advice from two experienced sales professionals
  • Follow-up meetings to answer questions

3) Customized Coaching Packages. or Telephone coaching with Brian Jud
Are you getting your share of book sales in the $16 billion non-bookstore market? Now you can, with personal coaching customized to your needs, goals and titles. We can help you develop opportunities in unique market niches, contact buyers and negotiate large-quantity, non- returnable sales.

  • Sell more books to more buyers in lucrative, non-competitive markets
  • Become more profitable selling in large quantities
  • Minimize -- if not eliminate – returns

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