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Is Your Book Right for Special Sales

Do you want to give your book

the best chance of success for

large-quantity sales to non-bookstore buyers?

We sell through a national network of over 5000 commissioned sales people. They are experts at presenting your book to appropriate buyers, but they also have many products to represent. They are not our employees and we cannot tell them to sell one title over another.

Now we can give your book the push it needs to get their attention – and increase the chance of greater sales. Our new Talking Points service puts your book at the top of the pile.

How do you benefit from this service?

We recommend the most likely prospective buyers

We give the reps tips for selling your book

Ways to sell your specific book to corporate buyers as a premium, ad specialty, self-liquidator or tool to motivate or reward employees.

Tips for when the best marketing periods are to sell it

Instructions on how to sell it to associations to increase their membership, generate non-dues revenue

Ideas on how to hire you as a company’s spokesperson where you get paid to travel around the country at their expense

Hints for increasing sales to schools, government agencies and the armed services, as appropriate to your content

We feature your book in each monthly newsletter (Bound to Sell) that we send to the reps – your book gets 12 times more exposure among the reps than other titles

Make it easy for our salespeople to grasp how to sell your book by controlling the actual Talking Points for them. We read your book from cover to cover and hone your message to its maximum effectiveness.

Let Our Expert Advisers Find Your Book’s Hidden Gems

Is your book multi-leveled? Does the title indicate a core theme, yet the book has content not reflected by the title?

Does your book’s author (yourself, or someone else) have a noteworthy bio? One or more of your author’s experiences could become interesting links to organizations

Is the creation of your book an intriguing story unto itself? How did this book come to be written? Is there a personal and professional story of persistence and vision?

As part of this Premium Service, our experts will delve into your book, and into your author’s bio, using their own marketing savvy to parse any and all possibility for synergistic connections to organizations and corporations.

Let us help your book speak for itself

Contact Brian Jud ( to find out if your book is right for this program. If so, there is a charge of $1500 (which includes the $250 catalog placement fee) for the Talking Points service. In addition, you will be asked to send us:

1 copy of your book

A comprehensive author biography

A list of the author’s public service activities, even if these are mentioned in the bio

The marketing plan for the title

Even if you decide to sell your books on your own,

this service can maximize your chances of success