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Premium Book Company was founded in 2008 as a partnership between Brian Jud of Book Marketing Works and Guy Achtzehn of MSG Promotions. Our mission is to sell books as premiums and ad specialties to buyers in non-bookstore markets including large corporations, smaller businesses, associations, schools, military and government agencies. 

Book Marketing Works (BMW) is the leading company in the book publishing industry providing publishers with the leads, guidance and continuing assistance they need to increase their revenue and profits in special sales markets. The Marketing & Sales Group is a company of experts in designing and selling premium and promotional programs to corporations and secondary distribution networks nationwide.   


Brian Jud

Brian Jud is an author, publisher, president of Premium Book Company, LLC and a book-marketing expert helping publishers market their books in non-bookstore markets to increase their unit sales, revenue and profits. He is the author of How to Make Real Money Selling Books (January 2010) and Beyond the Bookstore (a Publishers Weekly® book) describing new ways to sell more books to special-sales buyers. Brian is a partner in Premium Book Company, which offers commission-only sales of nonfiction, fiction, children’s titles and remainders to buyers in special markets. He is the editor of the Book Marketing Matters™ special-sales newsletter and creator of the Special-Sales Profit Center™, a database to help publishers sell more books to special markets.

In addition, Brian conducts the Masters of Book Marketing seminars and series of Book Marketing Monthly webinars, as well as being a frequent speaker at publishing events and IBPA's Publishing University. He is also the author of the series of ebooklets and printed booklets with Proven Tips for Publishing Success. He wrote and published seven titles on job-search topics that will be used as examples during his presentation.

Brian is the host of the television show, The Book Authority, author of the video program You're On The Air and a media trainer. He is the creator of Book Central Station, the online listing of thousands of suppliers to the publishing industry – rated by previous users. Brian also hosts the online Publisher's Bookstore listing many discounted titles on publishing, publicity, planning, marketing, publishing law, design, writing and special-sales.

He is the founder and president of the Connecticut Authors and Publishers Association and is the creator of the Book Market Map™ directories for special-sales marketing. Brian was an adjunct lecturer of sales and marketing courses for graduate and undergraduate students at the University of Hartford and the University of Connecticut. Brian is a regular speaker on marketing topics at IBPA-University and for publishing groups around the country. Brian holds a BS degree in Marketing from the University of Cincinnati and an MBA in Marketing from Xavier University.

Guy Achtzehn

Guy is the president of the Promotional Bookstore and founder of the Marketing and Sales Group, a company he formed over 20 years ago selling products as premiums, incentives and ad specialties to buyers in corporation, small businesses, associations, schools, government agencies, hospitals and other prospective buyers. He has represented Simon & Schuster and Random House titles.

Mission of The Premium Book Company, LLC

The Premium Book Company is presently the number one company providing books and related services to the promotional products industry. We broker large-quantity, non-returnable book sales between publishers and independent incentive sales distributors who sell to large corporations, smaller businesses, associations, schools, military and government agencies for use in marketing and HR incentive programs.

Our mission is to attain a high level of customer satisfaction by consistently providing excellent service and quality products in a personal atmosphere at an acceptable price. To maintain this commitment to our customers, we have created a friendly, fair business environment rewarding hard work, fresh ideas, diversity and strong ethical values.