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Do you want to sell more of your books in large quantities with no returns

Custom Consulting Programs

Choose from among 10 different sessions

covering all phases of selling books

to non-bookstore buyers


  • Sell more books to more buyers in lucrative, non-competitive markets
  • Become more profitable selling in large quantities
  • Minimize -- if not eliminate - returns


Are you getting your share of book sales in the $16 billion non-bookstore market? Now you can, with personal coaching customized to your needs, goals and titles. Brian Jud's Premium Book Company (PBC) can help you develop opportunities in unique market niches, contact buyers and negotiate large-quantity, non-returnable sales.


You will find new ways to sell more books to schools, associations, corporations, military buyers and government agencies that need books just like yours. You will also learn how to create a profitable distribution network to retail buyers such as discount stores, warehouse clubs, airport stores, gift shops and many specialty stores. Find out how to get your books into more book clubs and catalogs.


PBC offers consulting services for your needs and budget, on an hourly or project basis with

professionals who are experts in their fields.



Design Your Own Consultation Package


Select one or more of these sessions and get personal help, examples and tips for selling your unique books - not just books like yours.

  • Choose the topics that are best for you from the program menu below.
  • Become more profitable selling your books in ways that you never imagined and to people you never knew existed - in large, non-returnable quantities.
  • Discover new ideas and creative marketing techniques for proven results
  • Find out how to sell your books (not just books like yours) in large, non-returnable quantities to businesses, corporations, associations, schools and the military as well as non-bookstore retailers, book clubs and catalogs.
  • Discover practical book marketing tips and tactics that you can put into place immediately.
  • Spread the time out over as long a period as your schedule permits



Four-Hour Basic Package


Hour One: Introduction and the Basics of Getting Started (With Brian Jud)

  1. What special-sales (non-bookstore) marketing is and is not
  2. Know what you are selling (hint: it's not your book)
  3. How to define target readers
  4. Organization, segmentation and planning



Hour Two: General information, definitions and types of programs (With Guy Achtzehn)

1.    Expectations for selling to non-bookstore buyers

2.    Describe target consumers: Businesses, organizations, schools, associations, fundraisers, giveaways; People to contact in these areas; how and why they may use books as promotional items

3.    Types of programs: gift with purchase, employee appreciation, incentives (sales, safety etc), on-pack, near-pack, training; examples of each

How will you benefit? With an awareness of new opportunities, you can narrow down your potential buyers to maximize your sales effectiveness. You can increase your sales in special markets where more than half of all books sold. Or in other words, you may be able to double your sales.

Hour Three: Who and how to contact (With Guy Achtzehn)

1.    General prospecting strategy - start small and local, then move regional and national

2.    Demonstrate how to find contacts online

3.    Describe mass-marketing efforts (letter campaigns, email blasts, trade show contacts; business referrals; donation programs; radio show giveaways; employee giveaways)

4.    Prepare letters to send to potential buyers

How will you benefit? You will end up with customized, persuasive and effective marketing material that is ready to send to your list of potential buyers

Hour Four: Role Playing(With Guy Achtzehn)

1.    Prepare a telephone presentation for prospecting, arranging appointments

2.    Guy will act as a buyer for "calls" from attendees

3.    Critique calls; discuss nuances: phone call etiquette, attitude, tips, suggestions for improvement

How will you benefit? Become an experienced book salesperson before you come face-to-face with an actual buyer. Eliminate mistakes and feel more relaxed and professional when dealing with prospective buyers.

Add one or more of these one-hour sessions to the basic package and customize our consulting to your needs, books and publishing business

Session A: Create sample programs and promotions (With Guy Achtzehn)

1.    Meet with Guy for customized coaching and role playing

2.    Corporate library, fundraisers, chapters - motivation employee education; co-op advertising;co-op sales programs; product tie-ins

"Not only is Guy incredible at sales, he's amazing at teaching sales. By the end of our ten hours together, I had already made my first deal, which was worth more than the consulting fees I paid to work with Guy. He is full of ideas and it was so much fun to hear how he thinks. My mind was really opened to the many opportunities in the B2B market, and I am moving forward with more opportunities. It's not even a question that it's worth the money to work with Guy - if you implement, you will end up making a lot more than you initially spend!"

--Karen Kilpatrick, Nina Charles LLC

Session B: Make actual telephone calls to your prospects (With Guy Achtzehn)

1.    You listen, learn and participate to the extent that you wish


Session C: Create sample programs and promotions (With Guy Achtzehn)

1.    Corporate library, fundraisers, chapters - motivation employee education; co-op advertising; co-op sales programs; product tie-ins

How will you benefit? You are no longer a publisher, but a marketing consultant. Show your potential customers how they can use your content in unique ways and they will rely on you for long-term solutions for them - and revenue to you.

Session D: Selling to Non-Bookstore Retailers (With Brian Jud)

  1. Learn the procedures for finding distribution companies and techniques for selling to non-bookstore retailers such as...

a.    Discount stores and warehouse clubs

b.    Airport Stores

c.    Supermarkets, pharmacies

d.    Gift shops (General, hospital, hotel and other gift stores, catalogs)

e.    Book clubs

f.     Catalogs

g.    Military exchanges

How will you benefit? Leave this session with a customized list of potential buyers in retail and specialty outlets potentially interested in purchasing your books.

Session E: Selling in Large, Non-Returnable Quantities to Other (Non-Corporate) Buyers (With Brian Jud)

1.  Learn the procedures for finding distribution companies and techniques for selling to non-bookstore retailers such as...

a.    Associations

b.    Academic buyers

c.    Government agencies

d.    Armed services


Session F: Create B2B promotional and marketing material (With Brian Jud)

1.    Discover how to find and contact producers for niche media (print exposure and broadcast


2.    Create niche promotional material and sales literature

3.    Learn publicity tips for promoting to non-bookstore buyers

How will you benefit? Create persuasive marketing tools that hit the hot buttons of buyers in diverse industries. Get their attention with creative headlines and copy that gives them more reasons to buy from you. You will end up with customized, persuasive and effective marketing material that is ready to send to your list of potential buyers

Session G: How to Prepare a Proposal (With Brian Jud)

1.    Brian will show you how to include the seven parts that must be in every proposal for large-quantity sales to professional buyers



Session H: Creating and Making Persuasive Sales Presentations (With Brian Jud)

1.    Get more tips for developing your presentation strategy

2.    Find out how to use the "Seven Cs" of good communication

3.    Write a presentation script that you can adapt to almost any sales situation

4.    Improve your vocal and visual delivery for maximum effectiveness

5.    Practice special techniques for making telephone presentations

6.    Learn how to end your presentation in a positive way to get more orders without high-pressure selling


Session I: Tips for Negotiating Large-Quantity, Non-Returnable Sales (With Brian Jud)

1.    Discover how to use over 30 negotiating tips that can maximize your sales and not leave any money on the table

2.    See how to avoid the eight typical traps into which most new negotiators fall

3.    Practice nine simple things you can do to control the discussion without appearing as being manipulative

4.    Eliminate potential barriers to a successful conclusion and close more win/win sales

"After listening to Brian and Guy, I emailed the exact person I wanted to reach out to and was able to get a conference call with him. This well-known person loved my vision, my passion and my story. I am so thrilled, and it is huge for my vision of what I wanted."

--Pamela Bryson-Weaver

"I sold 500 books to an Urban League two weeks ago. Not much in terms of one sale, but guess how many Urban Leagues there are in the US?"

--Simone Spence

Who are your coaches?

Two knowledgeable marketing pros will meet with you during they day. Together Brian Jud and Guy Achtzehn have sold over 5,000,000 of clients' books. Guy Achtzehn has built a business as an innovative marketer of promotional products.


Guy AchtzehnGuy Achtzehn

Guy is the president of the Promotional Bookstore and founder of the Marketing and Sales Group, a company he formed over 20 years ago selling products as premiums, incentives and ad specialties to buyers in corporations, small businesses, associations, schools, government agencies, hospitals and other prospective buyers. He has represented Simon & Schuster and Random House titles.



Brian Jud

Brian is an author, book-marketing consultant, seminar leader, television host and President of Premium Book Company that sells books to non-bookstore buyers on a non-returnable, commission basis. He is also the Executive Director of the Association of Publishers for Special Sales (PBC).

Brian is the author of How to Make Real Money Selling Books (Without Worrying About Returns) and Beyond the Bookstore - a Publishers Weekly® book), a primer on non-bookstore marketing. He has written and published five titles on career transition that are distributed internationally, and is the author of the eight ebooklets with Proven Tips for Publishing Success. And Brian is creator of the series of Book Marketing Wizards and editor of the bi-weekly newsletter, Book Marketing Matters.

Brian conducts semi-monthly book marketing webinars and is a speaker in the series of Masters of Marketing seminars held in cities around North America.




Testimonials to Brian Jud's Consulting Ability

"I have worked on projects with Brian Jud, and he is everything I would like a business colleague to be - honest, effective, easy to work with and creative. I would recommend Brian's information to anyone interested in increasing their real world marketing and publishing expertise."
--Scott Flora, President, About Books

"Anyone who knows Brian is fortunate indeed. He is professional, friendly, a wonderful teacher, a helpful colleague, and a great person. He offers innovative ideas and solutions related to the new publishing paradigm."
--Wendy Jane Carrel

"Brian Jud is a thought leader for authors and publishers who want to sell books. Not only are his ideas innovative, but they are easily implementable. He's a idea man and a true treasure to small publishers."
--Lisa Pelto

"I have experienced the work of most 'book marketing gurus.' You are the only one who has come through with results that equate directly into book sales."
--Dusty White

"You lived up to your reputation of extraordinary knowledge in the publishing and marketing field."
--Barbara Stratton

"Brian, you are one of the most knowledgeable people on the subject of marketing I know. Anyone would be lucky to have you on their team on any project."
--Scott Sylvia

"I can't believe you are not charging a zillion dollars for all that great information."
--Barbara Munson

"Okay, it's official. You are a genius. You don't know how long I've waited for this information."
--Joy T. Vaughan, Author, Powerful People Powerful Lives

"I think your work is exceptional. Much of the information is of great assistance to me as I begin to sell my book and book-related products now in the corporate sector."

"You're a wealth of information."
--Stephen Busalacchi, author of White Coat Wisdom

"Whether you are an unknown or published author, Brian's in-depth knowledge of the business, resources, and instruction maps the way for your success. Before you do anything, spend an hour with him. It will save you hundreds of hours of frustration and dead ends."
--Terri De Shazo-Arnett

"Thanks for all of your help, guidance and insight. Your call helped us tremendously."
--Tom Ruff, President and CEO, Tom Ruff Company

"Our talk was extremely beneficial and productive - I feel grateful and energized by the wealth of your sharing and further inspired to "meet" with you again for the next chapter!"
--Pie Dumas

"Brian Jud is a genius when it comes to any and all aspects of marketing books... don't market a book without him!"
--Mark Amtower

Register for the Coaching Sessions

Four-Hour Basic Package $599
  • Hour One: Introduction and the Basics of Getting Started
  • Hour Two: General information, definitions and types of programs
  • Hour Three: Who and how to contact
  • Hour Four: Role Playing
Each Additional One-Hour Coaching Session $175
Session A: Create sample programs and promotions
Session B: Telephone calls to your prospects
Session C: Create sample programs and promotions
Session D: Selling to Non-Bookstore Retailers
Session E: Selling to Other (Non-Retail, Non-Corporate) Buyers
Session F: Create B2B promotional and marketing material
Session G: How to Prepare a Proposal
Session H: Creating and Making Persuasive Sales Presentations
Session I: Tips for Negotiating Large-Quantity, Non-Returnable Sales
Complete Package Including the Four-Hour Basic Package and $1800
All Nine Additional Coaching Sessions


Arrangements may be made for a 50% deposit and terms for the remaining balance. Contact


Still undecided? Here are More Reasons to Take Advantage of These Programs

More than half of all book sales are made to non-bookstore buyers. You will discover how to find those markets and sell your books to them in large, non-returnable quantities. You can double your book sales profitably simply by doing what you learn at this event.


Invest in your future. One idea could turn your investment into a thriving, profitable business


If your business is going to be successful, it's up to you to create, find and implement savvy marketing strategies to make your book sales soar. Learn them from Brian and Guy


Discover new ways to sell your particular book - not just books like yours


Each session is "content-heavy" with personal interaction



For More Information Contact Brian Jud

(860) 675-1344